Behind the Scenes Handcrafted Beam Covers

August 20,2019

Have you entered a room only to be struck by the regal and artisan craftmanship of the wooden beams that extend across the ceiling? So much attention is commonly paid to the other design aspects of a room that the ceiling is lost.

Stunning handcrafted beams or beam covers can often complete a room’s design.  They can partition the space, add a layer of dimension or depth, as well as creating a warm feeling with their natural wood features.

Signature can compliment our custom wood flooring by creating many wood accent pieces such as beams, fireplace mantels, stair treads, tables and other unique home décor.

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Handcrafted Beam Covers - Behind the Scenes
Showroom Beams & Mantels

Wood beams have been a prominent feature utilized in home and building construction since the Classical Period.  They disperse the weight of the roof and upper floors to the outer walls and down to the foundation while providing a robust wooden elegance to the interior.

Typically, in modern homes architects will ensconce the structural components of the home with wood beam covers.  While beams are still used they often are hidden inside the structure so they are not visible to homeowners and guests.

Wooden beam covers area a great way to bring comfortable Old World beauty to your home without the need for a large structural remodel.  They serve as a bold accent to compliment all design styles from transitional traditional, to extremely rustic and industrial, to very trendy and modern.

Your process can begin with the selection of solid or hollow beam covers.  A benefit of hollow beam covers is the light structural weight while serving as an excellent option to hide electrical wiring for lighting or other components.

Once constructed the beam covers can be hand-scraped to present a sleek modern line or heavily distressed for a bold naturally rustic appearance.  Signature artists customize reclaimed wood using hand tools to create an aged weathered look you may be seeking.  We also create texturized beam covers from new wood that we tailor to fit your preferred design.

Once the surface has been determined the next step is to select the desired stain and wax sheen which is then finished by hand.  While this is a multi-step multi-day process we ensure the quality finish that will continue to impress as long as your reside in your home.

Handcrafted Beam Covers - Behind the Scenes
Handcrafted Beam Covers - Behind the Scenes
Beam Production
Handcrafted Beam Covers - Behind the Scenes

Project Details

Project:  11 Antiqued Beam Covers

Species:  Northern White Oak

Color:  Walnut

Grade: Rustic Character

Texture:  Hand-Chiseled 

Distressing:  Heavy

Size: 12″ x 12″ x 18 Feet

Handcrafted Beam Covers - Behind the Scenes
Handcrafted Beam Covers - Behind the Scenes

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