Victorian Collection

Our Victorian Collection represents true Old World hand-scraped wood floors. Each floor is customized and handcrafted to perfection by our Master Craftsmen, using only hand tools to carve surfaces, fill open knots and splits, and texture the edges.  We also use secret recipe for color application with special dyes and stains.  Each and every wide plank board is custom hand finished before it is delivered for installation.

The Victorian Collection is available pre-finished in all wood grades.

VintageHaus® Collection

Our VintageHaus® Collection is our newest line which we are excited to offer.  With a focus on utilizing the woods’ natural tannins in conjunction with our classic stain compounds we are able to produce a variety of stunning and unique floor finishes.  This allows us to produce aged pieces with a unique combination of color and tone intensity to further accent the special wood characteristics and bring them to the forefront of the home’s interior design.   

The VintageHaus®  Collection is available pre-finished in all wood grades, hand-scraped or wire-brushed.

DutchHaus® Collection

Our DutchHaus® Collection represents flooring that is clean and sleek while also feeling warm and welcoming.  Inspired by modern Dutch design which focuses on minimalism, functionalism and innovative yet simplistic design, our DutchHaus® Collection floors will compliment any décor. 

The DutchHaus® Collection is available pre-finished in all wood grades, wire-brushed or smooth.

Black Oak Collection

Our Black Oak Collection flooring is an exceptionally unique wood with many stunning features.  These individual features, ranging from the deep and traditional color to the high level of work that goes into the creation of this product.  As a result of the natural smoking process that our French Oak undergoes, not only does the wood become more stable, but the grain of the wood becomes lighter than the wood itself.  This stunning feature is the reverse product of staining, making the Black Oak wide-plank floor very distinctive.  It is the ideal flooring to incorporate into any room in order to create the quintessential look, feeling or vibe.

The Black Oak is available pre-finished in all wood grades, hand-scraped, wire-brushed or smooth.

NOTE:  Due to high demand for our Black Oak floors longer production times will apply.  Currently, we are taking orders for delivery in Summer of 2023.  Please contact our office for further information on production time and delivery.

Weathered Oak Collection

Our Weathered Oak Collection captures the true spirit of time worn, sun dried lumber having seen generations of seasons.  Each plank contains a mixture of light and dark tones, granular texture, and an unrivaled ability to recast a room into a living history lesson of gratifying wood patina garnered after years of faithful use.  We are proud of the ageless allure of the wood character to bring out the full texture, depth, and color of each sun aged wood plank.

If you love transitional, rustic, or modern interior design and want a home that feels comfortable and welcoming while also rich in history and character, then our Weathered Oak floors are the prefect style for you.

The Weathered Oak Collection is available pre-finished and wire-brushed in Rustic wood grade.