Signature Hardwoods Exquisite European Hardwood Floors

Our Studio

Step into our studio and allow us to make your designing dreams a reality.  Once you see our exquisite museum style displays and endless samples, you’ll never look any further for your hardwood flooring needs.

We welcome architects, designers and builders to bring your customers to our engaging space.  We guarantee that they’ll be captivated by our impressive variety of handcrafted hardwoods.

Our hardwood samples are shown in a generous size so the customer can see a true representation of how their flooring will actually appear in their home.

The Signature studio is also equipped with various lighting options to allow our customers to see the flooring in multiple settings.

For the architect, designer or builder, we have assembled a special room just for your needs.  It’s loaded with a variety of color samples, species samples and finishes.  You’ll also have technical information available right at your fingertips.

Our dedicated staff of professionals will assist you with any questions you or your customers may have.  With our personalized service, custom handmade samples are also available upon request.

Before entering our world of European Hardwood Flooring you must take into consideration the following:

• You will never have a second chance to make a first impression.  Your flooring is the foundation of your home and it’s the first thing that your guests will see.  If your floors look fabulous, your home looks stunning!

• Your hardwood floor is the most abused part of your home.  Your selection should be based both on quality and durability.  This is a product that should never be chosen based on price.  You also never want to go through the hassle of replacing your floor.  With elite hardwood flooring, your floors will NEVER depreciate.

• With our variety of hard-waxed and oiled floors, your flooring will look gorgeous from the very first day it’s installed.  And, unlike carpeting, over the years you will gradually add your very own patina, allowing an even more customized, unique look to emerge.

To schedule your private consultation please call 847.758.9600.

The Signature Hardwoods award winning 4,000 square foot Flooring Design Studio is open:

Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM and Saturdays by appointment.