Our Process

Signature approaches each project like a commissioned work of art. Your floor is distinctive and special, designed according to your vision, crafted by hand, and installed with care.

It is only at Signature that your feet will find the comfort of such a thoughtfully chosen selection, masterfully worked to last the test of time, for you and your future generations.

It all starts with a conversation

Share your vision with us. Paint us a picture of your dream floor, and we’ll develop the plan to make it happen. We have so many questions for you, and we’re sure you have a lot for us, too. Not sure where to begin or what you like best?

We are ready to inspire you!

Showroom Selection Visit

Will you sigh for the buttery softness of hand scraped planks, or lean towards the textured ridges of a wire brushed floor? We invite you to see, touch and even walk on the countless floor creations available in our design showroom. Tour our workshop and watch how we painstakingly construct each floor. We love helping clients gravitate towards appealing shades and discover their tactile preferences. Come see for yourself and be inspired. If visiting the showroom in person isn’t possible, we’ll gladly meet at your home or send you free samples.

Project Pricing

We offer special project pricing for new construction or renovations that is all-inclusive of flooring materials and the labor required to complete your project. Send your scaled PDF architectural plans, and we’ll take digital measurements to submit a preliminary project proposal in writing.

Bespoke Samples

Once you accept our proposal, we start producing a bespoke floor control-sample for you, and one for your designer, architect or builder if requested. In addition, we can also prepare extra-large samples for you to “live with,” allowing you to see and experience your new floor at home throughout various times of a day and lighting scenarios. This can be invaluable, especially during renovation projects. You also receive a nano-sample – a smaller sample to carry with you that fits nicely in your car’s glove compartment – for reference while selecting other important décor pieces for your home.

Your selected sample requires your signature of approval before your order goes into production. This is our control and acts as a reference to ensure accuracy and consistency during fabrication.

After your project is complete, we like to “recycle” your floor sample by adding it to our showroom collection for others to view and enjoy. If we create a new color for you, it is named in honor of you.


Our highly skilled craftsmen produce your floor in our exclusive facility, located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
We begin by scraping and beveling each plank by hand or preparing the surface in other requested styles such as wire brushing, sanding or distressing. Each piece is worked on individually and then laid down in sections for drying and buffing. We then apply special dyes and rub in stain by hand until the desired color tone and surface smoothness is achieved. While we are skilled in applying any type of top finish, we prefer natural and renewable oxidized or UV cured hardwax oils.

Visit your floor at any point during the process to witness the magic in person.


When your floor production is complete, each plank is hand inspected under a special flat-streamed LED light that allows us to detect and eliminate any excessive surface checks, shakes and other wood or finish imperfections. Once passed inspection, your order will be packed in bundles, palletized and stored in our climate-controlled warehouse until you are ready for delivery.


Once your floor has acclimated to the living conditions inside your home, it’s ready to be installed. If contracted, Signature craftsmen will install your floor.

Based on many factors, including room locations (above or below grade), subfloor structure (wood or concrete) and floor design patterns, there are several methods of installation. Please refer to our Installation Manual (PDF) for more details. For installations performed by outside professional flooring contractors, we provide detailed guidance, recommendations and support.

Our dedicated project coordinator will be in contact with you and your GC before, during and after installation to ensure the highest quality of service.


Prior to scheduling the delivery of your new flooring, you and your general contractor will receive an e-mail containing a list of requirements that need to be met before delivery. Meeting these requirements directly impacts the future performance of your floor. We must be absolutely sure that your property is ready to receive the hardwood before we send it your way.

When scheduling delivery, please keep in mind that your new floor will require 7 to 10 days of in-house acclimation time prior to its installation.

Orders within a 100-mile radius from Chicago will be delivered by our own Signature Hardwoods truck. Our crew will personally unload the shipment and carefully place it in your home.

Out-of-State orders will be delivered by a professional transportation company via less-than-truckload (LTL) or Ground Service. Our office will coordinate with your floor installer to ensure proper unloading.

Down the Road

One of the greatest benefits of hardwax oil finishes is the ability to refresh the surface of the floor without sanding it. Spot-repair and spot-renewal is possible without working on the entire floor area.

After a period of 5 to 10 years, or even longer, your floor may need rejuvenation maintenance. Signature offers White Glove Maintenance Service that includes furniture removal, deep cleaning, floor color touch-ups, application of hardwax oil and furniture return, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Our Maintenance Service is completely safe and does not generate any dust, fumes or pollution. The entire process usually requires 3 to 5 days to complete and can be scheduled while you are on vacation or out of town.

Lifetime Guarantee

We made it simple. With a guarantee to back this claim, our wood floors are meant to last as long as the home stands. Barring natural disasters, negligence and destruction, we promise that our bespoke Vintage French Oak floor we made just for you will be treasured for generations to come. Should you ever have a concern about your floor, just get in touch with us and we’ll be there for you.

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