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About Signature Hardwoods

logo“Signature was born from a passion for hardwood, its natural beauty and distinction,” says Tom Koczur, owner and Head Designer. “I was always interested in creating a unique floor, where I could combine a touch of the European tradition, so close to my heart, with exciting contemporary elements into one unique design.  My goal is to create a floor that combines distinctive style and unique finishing details, at the same time, allowing durability and long-lasting beauty.  I believe the floor is the focal center of every home.  As such, it simply must express the owner’s character and personality.”

You may ask what sets our company and products apart from other luxury hardwood suppliers.  Simply put, it is our insistence on using only the finest woods and the most talented European craftsmen, while always maintaining careful awareness for the environment and a dedication to the art and tradition of creating beautiful, enduring floors.  It is only at Signature that your feet will find the comfort of such a thoughtfully chosen selection, masterfully worked to last the test of time, for you and your future generations.

Standing by our reputation for thoroughly satisfying even the most discriminating clients, we welcome any design challenge.  With every project, the Signature service guarantees you our persistent demand for perfection, our passionate attention to details and the benefits of our ever progressing innovation.  We pride ourselves in being a leading authority in the fine hardwood industry, in regards to both products and installation.

Signature Innovations continually strives to provide you with only the best quality.  You and your clients can rest assured that the stunning floors you love today will endure for others to continue admiring tomorrow.

It is an amazing feeling to have accomplished our aspirations of being able to provide the highest quality European hardwoods and impeccable service for clients who truly appreciate the timeless beauty of their floors.

The carefully funneled passion and unhurried devotion poured into our designs is evident in each individual piece of our exquisite hardwood floors.

Signature is UNIQUE…
Every plank of your floor is hand-crafted, a one of a kind piece of art.  Our artisans use the same tools and methods today that were applied hundreds of years ago, truly making your home’s hardwood floor individually yours, designed for only you.

Signature is SMART…
The floor we create especially for you is not only uniquely beautiful, but it’s also extremely practical.  The hard wearing, durable surface is an intelligent investment in your home’s future.  Every character and distress mark not only highlights the wood’s natural beauty, but also creates a floor that can withstand all the “realities” of your daily life.

Signature is FOREVER…
Be assured that the floor we produce for you will age beautifully as the years go by.  Our products are also completely renewable to ensure a long life.  You can feel confident that the beauty of your floor will truly be timeless, appreciated for generations to come.

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Make your home a Signature Home.

The Signature Hardwoods award winning 4,000 square foot Showroom and Flooring Design Studio is open:

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