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See Our Photo in this Design Article about Vintage Bedroom Ideas

A shot from one of our Tuscany™ Collection Vintage French Oak projects was used while showcasing a variety of approaches to designing a vintage bedroom.  The photo can be found in our Lake Geneva Gallery. It’s a Custom Bronze color finished with HardWax Oil. The plank size is 6-3/4” and the smooth hardwood was beveled and distressed by hand to achieve a lived-on, comfortable look. The rustic character of the floor works very well with the soft, modern décor of the furnishings and white brightness.

20 Modern Vintage Bedroom Design Inspired Ideas

By R. Kimberly –


“In today’s society, we are surrounded by modern art, technology and innovations. When it comes to restyling our bedroom, we may begin to look at ways to modernize our style. When faced with the descriptive angles and design of true modern perception, you may find yourself feeling nostalgic when you come across a chandelier or chic accent. The wonderful aspect of design and style is the ability to infuse innovation with reminiscent notes. You can intricate details from eras throughout personalizing your style with the eye of your own design. A modern vintage bedroom is artistic and an inspirational approach. You will find decorative designs that meet the best of both worlds indicating a harmonious style.”

“When designing a modern and vintage approach, you will use an array of patterns, prints and colors.  Creative lighting and artistic pieces will contribute to a collaborative style. There are many fashionable furnishings that offer indicative appeals to enhance the room. Lighter shades add an airy sense to the room while darker colors contribute to an intriguing feel. In the images below you will find your inspiration for a genuine space that will envelop your style with delectable accents and hues. Many designers are embellishing vintage and modern spaces with touches of rustic, Victorian and country hints into these bedroom designs.”

Image: Signature Innovations LLC

“A traditional design has an array of styles. From a Vintage Victorian appeal to a modern window setting, we see a deep sense of a generous approach.”

“Modern times and vintage memories are noted in indicative styles. We have seen lavish colors and styles that come together to create a magnificent design.  Appealing bed frames and chic lighting add a subtle and refreshed look . We have seen how flooring unifies the varying colors and shades. Scrolled woodwork and framing are delicately set with a thoughtful directive. Paint options reflect the mood of the space while representing the true sense of the rich cultural aspects of the style. Bringing your own enchanting touches of style and purpose will envelop the room in a trendy and chic setting.”

“Design your bedroom with touches through the ages. The continuity of styles are through a purposed sense of cherished appeals. A vintage and modern tradition will bring you a style that intertwines an absolute look with an inspired feel. When sheer vision meets touches of grandeur, you will have a vibrant pairing of an ideal and iconic style. The theme and scheme of each design will enliven your senses and bring to life a look that you will enjoy each day. The poetry of a room is insightful with a personal approach. Your bedroom is your own. Refresh your space with innovated spirit and style and you will set the stage for tomorrow.”


This article was also featured in the design blog written by Ndianabasi Udonkang.

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