Floor Registers

Our bespoke floor registers are designed to be flush with the wood flooring surface to create a smooth and seamless look.

The special trimeline design allows for maximum airflow while maintaining the integrity and strength when walked on if necessary.

The metal damper allows for control over the supply airflow  and can also easily be removed cleaning.


Lay Pattern

Deciding on your floor’s lay pattern has a huge impact on how the space unfolds.  It can appear bigger and or change the overall flow of the design.

Besides the traditional straight-lay pattern we also offer chevron, herringbone, Versailles panels, and other bespoke options.



Stair Treads & Risers

We offer standard wall to wall treads & risers or custom floating stair treads that are will be finished to perfectly match your custom hardwood flooring.

All of our stair treads are expertly milled by our master craftsman to bring out the natural beauty and warmth of the hardwood stairs.

Bespoke Stair Tread

Inlays, Accents & Engravings

If the ideas for your project don’t end at your floor we offer customized solutions for inlays, accents pieces and engravings.

These pieces can add another layer of elegance and craftsmanship to compliment the existing décor 


Stair Finishing

Staircases often go hand in hand with the flooring in your home. We gladly finish stair parts and railings to match your new custom Signature floors.  Similarly, the Signature design team can assist you in creating beautiful staircases for your new build or remodel.

Whether you prefer traditional décor, contemporary design or ultra-modern style, our craftsmen will hand finish treads, risers and other elements.

For existing staircases, Signature can bring new life to these essential areas of your home.

With any projects that involve rebuilding or new construction, we work closely with several carefully chosen professional stair installation companies to ensure structural integrity and safety.

Finishes floating stairs

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