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Signature Hardwoods New Mercedes Sprinter!

This summer we have given our small delivery truck a big update!

Signature Hardwoods is the proud owner of a 2013 Mercedes Sprinter.  We use the Sprinter for small deliveries, maintenance of hardwood flooring, as well as transportation when traveling to job sites.

Recently we gave the Sprinter a major makeover!  A full wrap was applied to the truck to show off Signature Hardwoods.  The wrap features a hand scraped European hardwood background, as well as a scraper and some wood shavings, to emphasize what level of detail is put into our hand crafting here at Signature Hardwoods.  Also the wrap has an explanation of the quality and look of our flooring, as well as all of our logos and contact information.  We love the way the whole truck turned out to look so eye catching and sharp!

Be on the look out for our Signature Hardwoods Sprinter!

2013 Sprinter _2HD


Sprinter in Roselle


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