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Signature Hardwoods Featured in Article about Rustic Flooring

In a piece about combining traditionally simple ideas with contemporary design, the writers of Home Flooring Pros Magazine discuss some valuable tips for creating spaces that will remain appealing throughout changing trends.

Excerpt from: “Rustic Wood Flooring Ideas: 6 Ways to Create That Lived-in Feel

by Home Flooring Pros Magazine

“There are certain interior design trends that come and go, a lot of fuss is made about them, some people go a bit crazy attempting to remodel their homes to fit the latest must-have look; and then there are other interior design trends that quietly stand their ground, often referred to as designer classics, never quite going out of fashion, but occasionally ever so slightly reinventing themselves to suit the current mood. The people who choose these fail-safe looks are, arguably, the happier ones!”

“One such design classic is the Rustic look, which extends to rustic wood flooring. Choosing a classic trend like this is both financially sound – renovating a home is a huge investment – as well as being a clever design decision, because it is a relatively easy look to keep up to date. For example this 2014 fall, out of nowhere it would seem, all the interior design gurus are talking about Rustic Industrial. In its most simplistic interpretation this means pairing your reclaimed, rustic wood with cool, metallic accents; in broader strokes it is about combining sleek contemporary furnishings with more rugged, rough-and-ready wood ones.”

Rustic Hardwood Floors

hardwood- Victorian Collection Vintage French Oak from Signature Hardwoods











“Of course, for many people, the real deal is the best. Solid hardwood flooring that has either been reclaimed from previous installations or that has been finished using stains, color-washes, distressing or hand-scraping techniques will always have the edge on other options because they are authentic. Specialist timber merchants scour the country to find the best quality antique woods and offer bespoke services to track down the exact shade and style of wood you want. These services do come with a price, but you will know that your flooring is completely unique. There are also numerous flooring manufacturers that offer slightly less pricey but equally beautiful newly harvested hardwood flooring that has been aged as described above. To enhance the Rustic look you should always choose wide planks, look for woods with plenty of character marks – distinct grains, wormholes and knots – and consider either washed out, matte tones that make it look more weathered (like the gorgeous Vintage French Oak floor from Signature Hardwoods shown above) or deep golden, warm tones that suggest years of waxing or oiling.”

“No matter which of the six materials best suits your home and project, there are a few key and common things to remember to get the Rustic look right: wide planks are usually best, character details in the grain are essential, textured surfaces are a must – either through hand-scraped or distressed techniques, and then finally once the floor is laid fill your home with lots of things you love to get the comforting homely Rustic feel.”

Click here to read the full article and view all the photos.

Signature Reclaimed

Signature Innovations now has a line of Reclaimed products, including flooring, fireplace mantels and accent beams. The wood is at least 150 years old and sourced locally from Midwestern barns and other forgotten buildings. It’s the perfect way to achieve a truly rustic look through sustainable methods.

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