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Popular Barrington II Project Photo Featured in Dutch Blog



One of our most popular project shots is that of the length of flooring between the open kitchen and living room of the Barrington II home. It has been pinned thousands of times on Pinterest, and we receive inquiries every week about this beautiful Smoked Black Vintage French Oak Floor. This is an exceptionally unique wood with many stunning attributes.  These individual features, ranging from the deep and traditional color to the high level of work that goes into the creation of this product, differentiate it from much of the other flooring that is sold.  As a result of the natural smoking process that the Oak undergoes, not only does the wood become more stable, but the grain of the wood becomes lighter than the wood itself.  This stunning feature is the reverse product of staining, making the Smoked Black French Oak flooring very distinctive.  It is the ideal flooring to incorporate into any room in order to create the perfect look, feeling, or vibe.

Our Victorian Collection Oak flooring, BARRINGTON II, is custom Smoked Black Oak floors, ¾” thick x 7” wide with varied long lengths from 6 ft. up to 8 ft. that are delivered prefinished in the natural color, hand scraped, hand carved and distressed, sealed with triple application of commercial graded, very durable, renewable and breathable Hardwax Polyx Oil. We would require 10-12 weeks for production of the custom flooring

Signature also offers some other options to achieve a similar look in less time, but it’s easy to understand why this is definitely a favorite choice of homeowners and designers alike.


This photograph was recently used by Janet of J’life blog in a post about the beauty of wood in design.

Inspiration | Delightful, wooden floors

October 8, 2017  Jlife

“Wood. A material that in no way can be lacking in the interior. Wood is used in a wide variety of ways in the interior. Just think of a nice tough table of a coarse piece of wood, or a beautiful wooden cabinet … Or what about a wooden kitchen sheet? There are so many beautiful wood products made! But the most popular is the wooden floor!”

“So many kinds of wood, so many types of wooden floors. A wooden floor immediately gives a home a homey and atmospheric look. It’s a natural material that also allows you to combine many colors. So, a floor like this not only makes for coziness, but also gives an interior and character.”

“So many people choose a wooden floor in their house. And today there are a lot of different things to get. Of course, you really have solid wood, which gives a great look and character. But you can also choose types like parquet, PVC, vinyl and of course the extremely popular laminate!”

“An advantage of a wooden floor is that there is so much choice! Whether you want a very light floor or just very deep in color, or maybe a grayscale … Almost everything is possible! And with different widths in boards and structures, there is always a floor that suits you perfectly.”

“In addition to choosing the color, you can of course also lay your wooden floor in a certain shape. For example, the very popular fishing floor! But you can also put wooden floors in different directions. Are you going to make your room longer by lengthening the shelves? Or just in width for a broader effect in space …”

“Do you still doubt whether you want carpeting or maybe you want to lay a wooden floor? Take a look at the inspiration below, maybe it will help to make the decision! In any case, it’s nice and atmospheric if there is a wooden floor!”

Here is the link for the blog post in its original Dutch:


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