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You can view the construction of the panels right here in our showroom. Samples are available to ship or carry.


Solid hardwood FriendlyWall panels are ideal for adding a contemporary, warm look to any room in residential or commercial spaces.  FriendlyWall panels are available in variety of colors and species including Walnut, Maple and Oak.  This innovative and eco-responsible product can be installed within hours, transferring any wall into a work of art.  The options for FriendlyWall styles are listed below, and many examples are featured in our Wall Panels Gallery. To learn more about FriendlyWall specifications click here.  You may also be interested in browsing or downloading the Full Color 2019 Catalog.


Here are some popular examples of FriendlyWall Hues:


FriendlyWall Alb

The lightest a grey can be, until it fades to white.

Reminiscent of snowcapped Carpathian peaks on a cloudy day.






bris icon

FriendlyWall Brisbane

Veined wood that has passed the test of time, imparting character and history;

nuances of discretion and refinement beautifully showcased in a modern dining area.








dakar icon

 FriendlyWall Dakar

All the magic and character of richly veined,

oil-treated wood presenting a silky smooth,

organic result, almost feline in appearance.








edinburgh icon

FriendlyWall Edinburgh

A smoky result where the grayish green tones of oxidized copper underline the patina of history.

A textured, intimate atmosphere, ideal for a masculine setting or to highlight strong contrasts.

Imparts both an elegant and structuring effect.








sf icon

FriendlyWall San Francisco

A veil effect not unlike the famed fog of this Pacific Coast city.

A soft, enveloping atmosphere, invigorating yet peaceful at the same time.

Ideal as a backdrop to exuberant modernism showcased in chrome and sparkling crystal.







sp icon

FriendlyWall Sao Paolo

The light of the setting sun is captured in this luminous panel featuring a mixture of amber, gold and brown tones.

A subtle yet unbridled effect.









FriendlyWall Walnut

Are you seeking the most prestigious of decors?

Look no further: this walnut wall is the answer.

The depth of the natural tones of the wood, varying from golden brown to darker brown are sure to meet your design expectations.

Each room is unique, and yours to enjoy.