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Hakwood Floors

About Hakwood

Hakwood is the inventor of the Duoplank, the current standard for wide width, long length engineered flooring.  The wood top layer is adhered to the highest grade Baltic birch multiply to produce a dimensionally stable product.  Hakwood flooring offers the look of solid wood flooring, combined with the installation flexibility of an engineered floor.  The Duoplank is available in planks or herringbone.

Advantages of Duoplank

  • dimensionally stable (less movement)
  • can be used in combination with underfloor heating and cooling
  • available in multiple grades from Prime to Rustic
  • available in two thicknesses: 3/4″ and 5/8″
  • available in herringbone
  • available in long length, wide widths: 7″ and 9-1/2″
  •  various installation methods possible

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Below you will find the descriptions of each Hakwood flooring collection.

Hakwood Flooring Collections


Authentic Collection

The Authentic Collection is built on Europe’s past and present use of local (European) oak.  It was the wood in barns that first aged and darkened in reaction to the livestock living inside.  The same natural process is reached by what we now call ‘smoking’.  Whitewashing with lime started as a way to brighten and give barns a ‘clean’ and even look.  Today we use different combinations of these genuine processes to create the honest flooring in the Authentic Collection.  It gets to the core of what is now the mainstay of European wood flooring.

The flooring in the Authentic Collection is a modern interpretation of THE traditional European floor plank, preserving its natural appeal and character.  The collection is suitable for commercial and residential use, and is available in nine colours



Colour Collection

Point of departure is our high quality, European oak Duoplank. Texture is secondary, to ensure nothing distracts from the beautiful, applied colours.  As Hakwood’s largest collection, it showcases twenty-five colours.  The Colour Collection continues to grow as we introduce new options in current and upcoming palettes.

The Colour Collection is the perfect marriage between timeless and trendy.  By mixing colours on different grades of our European oak Duoplank, you can achieve an even greater variety of looks.



Sierra Collection

The Sierra Collection consists of European oak flooring with a very distinct look.  Drawing inspiration from the linear sawmill marks left on wood planking, Hakwood has created a new sawn surface texture.  Their proprietary technique produces a non-repetitive pattern for a truly unique floor.  Depending on the chosen colour, planks may be smoked, oiled or stained.  This extensive treatment gives each Sierra floor beautiful textural and visual depth.

The floors from the Sierra Collection have a unique and robust character.  The collection is suitable for commercial and residential use, and is available in nine colors.



Dutch Scrape Collection

Hakwood is a proud manufacturer of a quality Dutch product.  To pay homage to their roots, they have introduced the Dutch Scrape Collection.  The flooring in this collection is earthy like the country surrounding thier production facilities.  Like the town it’s named after, each product offers an intriguing blend of old and new: smooth surfaces combine with rougher patches, creating true character.

The flooring in Hakwood’s Dutch Scrape Collection strikes the perfect balance between reclaimed character and a more refined appearance.  The Dutch Scrape Collection is well suited for commercial and residential use, and is available in nine colors.



Old World Collection

The surface of the Old World Collection is manually crafted for an authentic, uneven effect.  The Old World Collection is based on the look and feel of antique structural beams.  Hakwood has successfully captured that exact appearance, adding the ease of placement of Hakwood Duoplank.

The Old World Collection consists of traditional flooring that is beautifully hand crafted.  The collection is suitable for commercial and residential use, and is available in nine colors.