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Our famous Barrington II photo was recently utilized in a helpful, concise article with tips for homeowners looking to increase the resale values of their high rise condos in Boston. This shot is an online favorite, saved a few thousand times on Pinterest. The project was a collaboration between Signature Innovations and Abruzzo Kitchen & Bath.

Our Smoked Black Vintage French Oak floor features an exceptionally unique wood with many stunning attributes.  As a result of the natural smoking process that the Oak undergoes over several months, not only does the wood become more stable, but the grain of the wood becomes lighter than the wood itself.  This stunning feature is the reverse product of staining, making the Smoked Black French Oak flooring very distinctive.  The color goes all the way through from top to bottom, and will never wear away. We offer the flooring unfinished with open knots and square edges, or completely prefinished as you see in the photo.

Our prefinished Victorian Collection Oak flooring is a solid French Oak hardwood top layer on an engineered Moisture-Resistant-Platform (MRP) made in the Netherlands. The Residence Gallery BARRINGTON II shows an example of this custom Smoked Black Oak, 3/4” thick x 7” wide with varied long lengths from 6 ft. up to 8 ft. that are delivered in the natural color, hand scraped, hand carved and distressed, sealed with triple application of commercial graded, very durable, renewable and breathable Hardwax Polyx Oil.  Although it may be sanded several times, we recommend that you never do so. Instead, after 5-10 years of daily abuse, you may want to rejuvenate you gorgeous, natural floors with a new application of the Hardwax Oil. That’s all it ever needs, aside from weekly vacuuming and monthly damp-washing. As long as we have the smoked material in stock, we are able to produce and ship your custom order within 10-12 weeks.

Below is the article from the website Boston Luxury Condos for Sale.

Click here to read the article online.

3 tips to increase the value of your Boston high rise condo

September 21, 2018 by John Ford


The following are 3 tips to increase the value of your Boston high rise condo. 


Experts say the kitchen is the single most important room in your Boston high rise condo when it comes to increasing its value. It’s the heart of the home and investing in a modern, fresh and desirable kitchen will significantly increase the value of your Boston luxury condo on the market.

 The smartest updates you can make to your kitchen include:

  1. Re-facing or painting dated cabinets
  2. Replacing dated cabinet hardware (like handles) with a sleek and modern touch
  3. Lighting fixtures
  4. Quality flooring
  5. Appliances
  6. Sinks and faucets
  7. Fresh paint in neutral colors.



Boston high rise condo

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Remodeling your bathroom is a great investment in your Boston high rise condo, which often yields a 100% return. Bathroom upgrades freshen up a home’s interior image and raise its overall value. Nothing compares to a fresh and beautiful bathroom that buyers can envision themselves enjoying every day. While there are a lot of upgrades you can do to enhance your bathroom you don’t necessarily have to break the bank doing it. Below are a few cost effective tips to help you get started!









Our top tips for improving your bathroom on a budget:

  1. Emptying out the space and clearing up clutter to help make the bathroom appear spacious.
  2. Making minor updates like repainting the walls, replacing leaky and worn taps, replacing cabinets, light fittings and towel bars make a big difference.
  3. Clean thoroughly because buyers pay a premium the newer things appear. Everything must be immaculate!
  4. Hang luxurious towels to increase your bathrooms perceived value.
  5. Use fresh flowers to create an impact.


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Replacing your carpet will make your Boston luxury condo look like it’s worth a lot more to potential buyers and will dramatically enhance its appeal. Tear out the old and outdated carpet and update your home with hardwood flooring if you can afford it. Great floors are an upgrade that will hold your house’s value over time.

A few great alternatives to carpet include:

  1. Laminate, which is easy to install, eco-friendly and low maintenance
  2. Tile, which can withstand heavy foot traffic, water, spills and doesn’t absorb odors or bacteria
  3. Bamboo, which is trendy and earthy-friendly, durable and harder than many types of wood
  4. Linoleum, which offers a variety of colors and design options that can stand up to heavy foot traffic, water, heat, and scratching which makes it a great durable alternative
  5. Vinyl, which is resilient, versatile and economical and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns which mimic hardwood, ceramics and stone on a budget.

Regardless of the flooring you choose, make sure it’s based on a look, feel and functionality that complements your home.

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